Geolocation JellyOh Uses Crowdsourced Reports to Prevent Jellyfish Stings

 - Nov 27, 2015
References: jellyoh & springwise
Many surfers already rely on crowdsourced information to find the best waves, but now they can also depend on the power of the crowd for jellyfish warnings if they live near infested waters. Based in Israel, the JellyOh app is location-based and enables users to report and be notified of the presence of jellyfish. This helps people avoid stings and stay safe.

GPS capabilities allow users to report a jellyfish warning. Curious people can also use the app to search to see if there have been any recent jellyfish sightings in their area.

Geolocation technology has been used to track everything from sharks to mosquitos. This information is particularly useful for active people who spend plenty of time outdoors and are concerned about health and safety hazards.