Jeffrey Vincent Paints Subjects that are Often Obscured by Surroundings

 - Nov 24, 2011
References: flickr & brwnpaperbag
With countless illustrators flooding the Internet with highly stylized and detailed digital renderings, it's refreshing to see artists like Jeffrey Vincent produce analog works that hearken back to days when images didn't need to be meticulous to be amazing.

Jeffrey Vincent is a Baltimore-based painter. I find it highly fascinating that he often obscures the true subjects of his paintings either with environmental conditions or other objects. Viewers are forced to really study each piece in order to identify what they're supposed to be and this is quite an interesting method of engaging audiences.

Though Jeffrey Vincent's brushwork is evidently rough by design, it doesn't mean his paintings aren't highly detailed. In fact, it looks as though he often utilizes small brushstrokes to layer colors until it produces the proper blends and atmospheric moods he's trying to achieve in each respective peace.