Jason Bridle Turns Surveillance Cameras into Art

Artist James Bridle calls his new art project 'The Rorschcam NYC.' Similar to his previous 'Rorschmap,' which created images of Earth, this piece is also very kaleidoscopic.

The piece makes reference to the classic Rorschach ink blot tests.

The artist used CCTV camera all over New York to create a #Rorshcam. The resulting images are trippy, backwards and upside down portraits of NYC that happen in real-time. The blur of taxis, tourists and cyclists truly capture the essence of NYC. He simply tapped into the surveillance cameras and added a filter that mirrors both axes. You can also access these cameras images and choose from different traffic cameras to create your own real-time portraits.

James wanted to make art from the cameras as they are not just cameras, they gather information and affect our everyday lives.