The Photography by Jarrod Renaud is Beautiful and Meaningful

 - Dec 6, 2011
References: flickr & photodonuts
Evocative photographers like the one done by American artist Jarrod Renaud is rich in emotions and nostalgia. The soft tonality of the captures and their vintage touch has the ability to transport audiences to unexpected places. The photographer's subjects seem to be submerged in a deep state of nostalgia or reflection, as they all look at the horizon and barely directed toward the camera.

Renaud's pieces are dipped in blue and sepia hues, making every shot even more intense and profound. Also, the images are generally taken outdoors in the wild, which increases the overall tone, expressed by the subjects and the camera, of the desire to find freedom and an emotional escape. Some of the models appear wearing animalistic masks, adding a Native feeling to the series.

The photographs by Jarrod Renaud are stunning and filled with emotions.