These Japanese Lamps are Crumpled at the Top and Smooth at the Bottom

 - Dec 8, 2013
References: dezeen
The Japanese designers from Nendo have managed to converted traditional Japanese expert paper manipulating into designing a series of crumpled paper lamps called Semi-Wrinkle Washi.

According to the designers for this collection, "Washi is made by passing fine screens through a bath of plant pulp and water to collect the pulp, then by drying the screens and peeling off the new paper sheets." These lamps are made to go through a process that makes the shades of the lamp so smooth that they could be confused with modified white glass or plastic. This lamp collection is beautifully and gently crumpled at the top and smooth at the bottom. "Rather than pasting sheets of washi together to create forms, the company uses the same process to create beautiful seamless forms that are three-dimensional from the start," says Nendo on the creation of the lamps.