James Rieck Paints Figures from Advertisements

 - Nov 20, 2014
References: jamesrieck & itsnicethat
James Rieck's choice in subject is a curious one: rather than painting real, live, flesh-and-blood models, he plucks figures from advertisements and recreates them on a large, colorful canvases.

Why paint advertisements? Rieck is interested in exploring the unconscious, borderline subliminal messages that advertisers bury into their work. It allows Rieck to bring his own style and interpretation to something that is much bigger than himself.

The focus of each painting is not so much the face, but the body. Rieck can be attracted and inspired by a single posture or gesture. He explains, "It’s there that I see the history of figure and portrait painting. There’s a similar language to presenting one’s best, with undertones of hiding."