Jake Stangel Captures Portraits of Humans and Natural Environments

 - Jul 26, 2011
References: jakestangel & booooooom
The world isn't ready for photographer Jake Stangel, whose incredible lens captures portraits of a surrounding world that is joyous and unfamiliar to the naked eye. Currently residing on the West Coast in San Franscico, but native to Montreal, Canada, Stangel draws inspiration from the little things in life that you or I may ordinarily overlook. His lens is a unique one that sheds light on these surroundings in a way that is captivating and artistic.

Offering up little information about himself besides, "Hi my name is Jake. I will sing karaoke with you. I was born in Montreal, raised in Maryland, and went to college in NYC. I now live on the West coast. My favorite superhero is Missy Elliott," it doesn't take much to see that Stangel's extraordinary photos are a result of his out-of-the-box thinking and lighthearted nature.

Implications - The most captivating photography offers an alternative perspective on every day surroundings that the non-artistic eye would likely fail to notice.