Jahneflat Milton Moving City Travels on Train Tracks

 - Aug 28, 2012
References: jagnefaltmilton.se & itsnicethat
The Jahnefalt Milton Moving City is entirely built on wheels that make it transportable over train tracks. Architect Jahnefalt Milton built the city on old industry railway tracks in Andalsnes, Norway. Most people hate moving; the Jahnefalt Milton Moving City lets you move residential locations without having to "move."

The Moving City includes 100 rolling houses as well as a number of other city buildings including a concert hall, public baths, hotel and a park. The city really represents a modern nomadic lifestyle. Living in the Moving City would be an interesting life experience, or an intriguing vacation spot, wherever the city is at the moment.

The Jahnefalt Milton Moving City is amazing not only because of its modern design, but also because of its invention of a new lifestyle.