The J3 Chair is Inspired by Mexican Timber and Metal Industries

 - Apr 13, 2013
The J3 Chair can be likened to an optical illusion. The top portion of the backrest appears to be floating in midair because there is no lower portion. Semi-backless, the J3 Chair seamlessly attaches the arms to the topmost part to create a visually striking, minimalist piece of furniture.

Designed by Jorge Gonzalez Balleza, Jose Luis Martínez and Juan Marcos Sanchez, all of whom are based in Monterrey, Mexico, the J3 Chair is meant to be used outdoor. It is heavily influenced by the concept of the two major industries in Latin America: the timber industry and metallurgy. The designers write, "The J3 chair incorporates the structural properties of steel with the strength of wood, creating a harmony between the representative matte black metal and different shades of the wood grain of Cumaru, providing support, warmth and comfort."