Ivolia Lightbulb Packaging Endeavors to Endear Consumers

LED light globes are marketed primarily using one of three appealing identities: their eco-friendliness, their economy and their hi-tech features. Ivolia lightbulb packaging focuses on the first and references the second, highlighting the ease with which these items can be integrated into the contemporary lifestyle.

DePOT Design of Czech Republic established an earthy palette of brown and beige to allude to the products' green attributes. The illuminators themselves use less electricity to function, while the carton has been crafted adhesive-free from recycled paper. The reuse of material, the casual hand-written typefaces and the simply sketched illustrations communicate an inexpensiveness and an informality that would make Ivolia lightbulb packaging appealing to the average homeowner. The stimulating decoration and the abstract cutouts of the box also catch consumers' eyes on the hardware store shelf.