The 'Its on Me' App Makes It Easy to Remotely Treat a Friend

 - Aug 14, 2015
Just as buying a gift card will treat a friend to a product or service on your behalf, the 'It's On Me' app works in the same way via a mobile device—without the need to fuss with any wrapping paper.

In order to send food and drink gifts, the app lets senders choose from a set list of curated establishments. Once sent, a recipient can instantly redeem the gift at the same place the gift was purchased from. Essentially, the app works in the same way as a gift card, but there is no plastic waste left behind and a much higher chance that the gift will be redeemed since a mobile device is involved.

So far, the It's On Me app is only available at participating food and drink partners in specific cities. However, this is still a handy way to send food and drink gifts to friends in New York City and Las Vegas, particularly when being there in person isn't possible.