The iTOi Booth Projects Video Conversations at CES 2014

 - Jan 14, 2014
References: canadianbusiness
The iTOi Booth, presented at CES 2014, essentially brings Skype and FaceTime chats to life. The console holds the iPad up, mirroring its video reflection and projecting it against a mirror which brilliantly blows up the video chat image.

The mounting console isn’t easy on the eyes with its bulky and large charm, however, it amplifies video chat viewing making it feel like chat individuals are in the same room. The mirror set-up at the top enlarges the image on the iPad and projects it louder and clearer.

The iTOi Booth is a good investment for individuals chatting in different countries, as they will feel like there is no distance between them at all. The virtual experience brings people together and seems to be the next best thing to "real life" face-to-face conversations. The product may not be ideal for small spaces, seeing as it’s quite largely designed.