Could Make Watching TV A Thing of the Past

 - Mar 9, 2009
References: sidereel
Is television a thing of the past? People still have their favourite shows, some of which they are religious about following, but does anyone actually watch them at their designated air time?

Nowadays people prefer to download their favourite television shows or stream them live from sites like Both of these options allow the viewer to watch television uninterrupted by ads. They also allow people to watch their favourite shows at a time that is convenient for them, rather than at a prescheduled hour.

On all shows are available as of midnight the day they aired, sometimes earlier. If the show is simply something you catch up on in your spare time, it is unlikely you will be aware of the minimal delay, let alone affected by it.

These sites also cut the cost of watching TV. With cable companies constantly clustering shows into packages and charging viewers more money for the addition of each package, certain shows wind up being very expensive to watch. However sites like are already included in the monthly cost of your internet.

Other systems, such as DC++, have been set up in universities to provide a similar service. With DC++, students are able to share music, movies and television shows, including the newest and most in demand episodes. These episodes are also commercial free and once downloaded, can be viewed any time.

While DC++ downloads at a very fast pace, streams live, therefore, there is no waiting time.

Whether it be DC++, or another source altogether, there are hundreds of alternatives to the traditional cable television and they seem to be winning by a landslide.