From Tiny Television Toys to Bluth Clan Conspiracies

 - Oct 16, 2011
The show may have only run for three seasons, but these Arrested Development creations indicate the hilarious show has made a lasting impression on its legions of faithful fans. For years people have been teased with tidbits and rumors of the Bluth family’s impending foray on to the silver screen, and finally all hopes and dreams are coming to fruition.

To celebrate this very exciting news, lets take a look back at how Arrested Development junkies whiled away the Bluth-free years, and celebrated love for the short-lived sitcom. With everything from paper dolls to a very special version of Clue, its clear Arrested Development withdrawal runs deep and manifest itself in very creative ways.

Kick back and enjoy these Arrested Development creations and count the days until fans see the dysfunctional family back together on the big screen.