Irene Z Imagines a Post-Apocalyptic Water World

 - May 8, 2012
References: miraccoon.deviantart & mymodernmet
Hailing from Estonia, Irene Z is a Deviant Art artist who creates stunningly surreal artwork that revolves around imaginatively impossible aquatic adventures. Based on real photographs, the digitally manipulated images feature larger-than-life fishes that can be ridden like horses, water goddesses who wear oceans as gowns and magically interactive aquariums for children.

The water worlds Irene Z creates suggest a post-apocalyptic existence that have perhaps given way to this fantastical way of life. Overlaid with romantic filters, Irene Z's images combines land and sea, showing how similar the two can be. In fact, the science fiction images appear to suggest that human beings themselves have adapted to a new world, becoming marine creatures that roam both the earth and the seas.