The Pulsear iPhone Heart Monitor Tracks Your Heart Through Your Ears

 - Oct 26, 2010
References: & physorg
Swiss company CSEM is testing a prototype iPhone app heart monitor called 'Pulsear' that is based on ideas used to develop sensor technology for astronauts. 

CSEM has created a small sensor which records your vital signs and sends the information through the earphone wires to the Pulsear device, attached to the iPhone. In the future the iPhone heart monitor may also monitor blood oxygen levels and other vital signs.

The technology has both medical and commercial potential. The device is a much less invasive way to monitor patients. The stress that often accompanies medical tests could be minimized by combining it with soothing music played while using the iPhone heart monitor. For athletes, walkers or anyone doing physical activities, it is a convenient and unobtrusive way to monitor vital signs.