Inventum Bioengineering Technologies is Using VR to Prepare Patients

 - Nov 23, 2016
References: facebook & digitaltrends
Inventum Bioengineering Technologies has invented a VR system to help patients prepare for an upcoming head transplant.

Though it might sound like something out of a 'Frankenstein' sequel, the medical community is currently capable of performing head transplants for quadriplegic people, with the first such surgery scheduled to take place in 2017. Not only is a head transplant a technically staggering surgery in and of itself, it raises a new host of issues in terms of patient preparation and rehabilitation. This is where Inventum Bioengineering Technologies' system could help.

The system uses VR and an elaborate scaffolding system to help simulate the sensation of movement and body control for patients. By receiving this training, head transplant patients will hopefully be better prepared to adjust to their new bodies.