Interurban Train Seating Efficiently Accommodates Rush Hour Congestion

 - Apr 11, 2013
It's likely that few urbanites would argue for the removal of fixed chairs on the subway; however, it's certainly evident that they do take up an unhelpful amount of space during those times when the cars fill up to maximum capacity. The Interurban Train Seating concept proposes a clever solution to dealing with varying occupancies, improving the comfort of as many passengers as possible.

What Thor Unbescheid suggests is these slender fold-up chairs that have pronounced lips on the fronts of their seats. All three surfaces are padded and upholstered since the human body would come in contact with each of them. When the subway is on the slightly emptier side, the Interurban Train Seating units can be drawn down completely. When it's full, the retracted chairs offer comfy perches on which riders can lean.