These Images Show How a Non-Profit Pictures Interstellar Flight

If this is what interstellar flight is going to look like, you might want to get on board now. These spaceship designs from non-profit foundation Icarus Interstellar show what human life might be like outside of our solar system.

The global scientists-led project is dedicated to achieving interstellar flight by 2100. Part of this involves imagining an artificial environment that could support human life indefinitely. So in less than 90 years time, you could find yourself on a real-life version of Battlestar Galactica.

Scientists and architects are designing a spaceship ecology out of nothing. As Biosphere 2 in the 1990s proved, trying to reproduce Earth will not work. Project Persephone aims to create this new environment. The organization has a number of ongoing projects that are contributing to their goal of interstellar flight, of which Persephone is just one.