Toshiba Electronic Signage Controlled by Cell Phones

 - Mar 30, 2009
Toshiba recently rolled out an electronic billboard featuring games that passing pedestrians can play using their cell phones. Computer users are also invited to participate via YouTube.

Displayed in Tokyo above the entrance to a camera superstore, the billboard allows up to six players to join a 90-second race. During this time, they must color squares on the board with a "paint brush" and search for Pala-Chan, the Toshiba mascot.

Mobile phone participants, who must register before each game begins by calling a phone number on the billboard, control their "paint brushes" by using their number keypads. YouTube players sign up online and participate using the arrow keys on their keyboards.

The games are an engaging way for Toshiba to demonstrate the capability of its digital signage technology using real-time data over the Internet. The company is also using the billboard to promote its laptops.