The Instant America Infographic Shows People are Growing Impatient

The Instant America Infographic uses statistics to show that Americans are in a hurry and will not stand for waiting.

In a world of fast-working technology, people seem to forget that the Internet didn't even exist a few years ago; now, it seems that if a Google search is slowed by only 4/10 of a second, the total number of searches reduces by 8,000,000 in just one day. It also turns out that one in four people ditch a web page if it takes more than four seconds to load -- a web page taking four seconds to load in the year 2000 would have been a miracle. It's not just the Internet though; the majority of Americans will not wait in line longer than 15 minutes (try living in communist Russia).

According to the Instant America Infographic, the speed at which Americans demand service is growing rapidly.