A Series of Quotes and Photos by Celebrities Meant to Inspire

 - Jan 8, 2014
References: mashable
Once a celebrity hits a certain level of acclaim and a certain age you can expect one of two things: they become crazy or they become wise and start spewing out inspirational celebrity quotes. Some do both (looking at you Jack Nicholson).

This set of photos shows some pretty on-the-level thinking and inspirational points from some of Hollywood’s and the world’s most revered so if you need a pick me up it’s a perfect short but sweet read. It’s no secret that celebrities are just regular people…except they aren’t so when they say things about success it would probably do us a service to at least listen and take it into consideration.

The one point that Ricky Gervais makes about creating is also particularly compelling for the creative types. All this list was missing was some Russell Brand who’s actually a lot smarter than he leads on to be and delivers inspirational celebrity quotes by the boatload.