Inkjets to Make Skin & Nerve Tissue

 - Jan 27, 2008
References: technology.newscientist
Pre-tattoed skin is just around the corner. 3D printers are old news. Seriously, they are... at least at! New to us, however, is that a researcher says he can now use the same technology to make skin and other human tissues.

James Yoo from Wake Forest University's Institute of Regenerative Medicine in North Carolina, says its possible to make a standard inkjet printing system that creates layers of cells which can then be used to make skin or nerve tissue.

"The system could also print dyes to make the structure easily visible and growth factors to encourage healthy development," accpording to New Scientist. "Yoo says his printer can make almost anything from skin and bone to pancreatic or nerve tissue â€" an exciting idea with huge potential."

Never again will Nerdly the boss get on your last nerve. Head over to the nurse and have her print another one.