Dean Bennici's Infrared Photos Inject the World with Fierce Hues

 - Jul 6, 2013
References: & lostateminor
Dean Bennici's infrared photos have taken the world by storm, transforming normal landscape photography into gorgeously fiery artistic works. Each of his photographs shows a small corner of the world, whether it's a cherry blossom tree, a golden statue on an avenue lined with palm trees, or a panoramic shot of an urban cityscape. However, instead of editing these photographs to bring out their natural colors while keeping them within this world's limits, Bennici uses infrared techniques to give each of his photographs a red hue. This gives Bennici's landscapes a fiery quality that demonstrates the passion with which they were photographed.

With these incredible, visually arresting photographs, Bennici has demonstrated that the real world can be transcended through photography. Indeed, Bennici's photographs prove that, with different photo editing techniques, entire dreamlike universes can be created, with just the touch of a button.