This Infographic Provides Astounding Information About Hair

 - Mar 19, 2013
References: hairlossgeeks & presurfer.blogspot
To get all the information about hair that you could ever need to know, read this intense '50 Insane Facts About Hair' infographic, as it outlines statistics and interesting data about our shiny manes.

Facts about color, beauty, history, biology as well as other random facts are divulged, filling us in on all of the wondrous secrets our luscious locks have been holding out on us. Find out how long hair can grow if let loose, if Rapunzel's hair could really support her prince charming and what types of foods actually use elements of human hair as ingredients. Discover if blondes truly have more fun and how ancient cultures dyed and styled their coifs.

Every person who has even one strand of hair would find this wacky information about hairdos interesting.