'An Infographic on Toilets' Sets the Record Straight

 - Oct 27, 2011
References: sortable & sortable
While the bathroom remains a permanent and important fixture in many homes worldwide, the history of the porcelain throne is not often discussed in pop culture, which is just what Sortable's 'An Infographic on Toilets' aims to fix.

Though many people would rather not discuss bathroom happenings on the daily, the fact is that 2/3 of the world's population depends on a toilet, and would be in quite a pickle without one. As the illustrated chart shows, humans have been using toilets since 3000 BC, but it wasn't until 1596 that the first flushable abode was created: an invention I, and many others, are thankful for.

With 1/3 of the world still living without proper sanitation, it's incredible to think how far other parts of the world have gone with the toilet invention, from eco-friendly thrones to golden abodes. For all the scoop on this important bathroom fixture, check out An Infographic on Toilets.