Indigo at Cf Sherway Gardens Ushers in a New Bookstore Experience

 - Jun 7, 2016
References: chapters.indigo
Touted as the world's first cultural department store, the recently launched Indigo at Cf Sherway Gardens in Toronto, Canada, rethinks the way traditional bookstores have been designed in the past. It's a stunning space that integrates its lifestyle products seamlessly into every section, creating a well-rounded experience for every shopper. They are essentially shops-within-a-shop, each branded with their own name and direction including Joy of the Table, A Room of Her Own, The Art Shop and IndigoKids.

By creating such smart layout, Indigo at Cf Sherway Gardens proves that physical books are still very central to people's lives. Inspiration, imagination and so much more are found within their pages. What's better, the ideas found inside seem to leap right out into the world through Indigo's thoughtfully curated lifestyle collections.