This Darkly Decorated Cake is Inspired by an Indiana Jones Flick

 - Oct 2, 2013
References: likecool & spicytec
This unsettling dessert was inspired by Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. In the film, monkey brains are served as a kind of delicacy, but I think I'd rather have the cake. Instructables user 'BubbleandSweet' is behind this morbid monkey cake design.

Not many sweets are designed to intimidate party guests, but this Indiana Jones-themed dessert will likely have people rethinking their cake cravings. This darkly decorated confection features the face of a gray monkey, with black eyes and exposed teeth. As if that's not spooky enough, the cake is topped off with what looks like the monkey's exposed brain.

This terrifying monkey treat features layers of chocolate, covered with chilled strawberry jello, which makes for an eerily delicious dessert.