Amy's Kitchen's Indian Samosa Wrap is Vegan and Lactose and Nut-Free

 - Feb 4, 2019
References: amys
Amy's Kitchen is a frozen food brand specializing in health conscious and tasty options like this diet-friendly Indian Samosa Wrap. The sandwich is ideal for on-the-go enjoyment, is conveniently frozen and ready to enjoy in mere minutes.

Consisting of organic, spiced potatoes, tofu and peas, the Indian Samosa Wrap boasts ingredients wrapped in a soft-baked wheat tortilla. Targeting consumers adhering to diet restrictions, the frozen wrap is dairy and lactose free and boasts no tree nuts. Additionally, Amy's Kitchen's signature samosa wrap is corn-free, vegan-friendly and certified Kosher.

While traditional samosa recipes can feature meat ingredients, traces of nuts or dairy, this convenient snack option is a health-conscious alternative. The product follows an authentic recipe that draws inspiration from traditional Indian cuisine and is an affordable and convenient option for those on the go.