The Incubator Concept Car is Designed to Transport Sick Animals

 - Jan 29, 2014
References: tuvie
The Incubator concept car was designed more for animals than for humans. Creator Dong-woo Nam's concept is meant to be an animal transport vehicle. The designer specifically imagines the Incubator being used in wildlife parks in South Africa. The Incubator concept car is eco-friendly, drawing geothermal energy from the ground from its wheels and absorbing solar energy via solar panels that are also mounted on the wheels.

The Incubator concept car seats one human, who sits in a seat that can rotate 180 degrees. In the back of the Incubator is a space big enough to safely and comfortably transport a medium-sized animal. The Incubator concept car may never go from concept to reality, but it has a few features which will undoubtedly be on safari cars of the future, such as its solar panels and purpose-built animal compartment.