A Device is Being Developed For Increasing Natural Light in Cities

 - May 6, 2014
References: fastcoexist
With a skyscraper building boom happening worldwide, from London to Mumbai and Bangkok to Panama City, increasing natural light in metropolitan areas is becoming an issue. A simple sunlight-capturing device from developers in Cairo could be the solution.

The Egyptian researchers are working on a cleverly engineered plastic panel that harvests light from the sun and redirects onto the city streets below. The wavy shape of the plastic allows it to be increasing natural light. While skyscrapers can provide shade for hotter climates like Cairo's, the darkness can be unpleasant for urban inhabitants. In cooler parts of the world the shadows cast from such towering structures can add a sense of dreariness, especially in winter time.

Researchers are optimizing their design and hope to have a prototype ready this year.