Inca Pan's Nature-Infused Drawings Depict Whimsical Violence

 - Jun 10, 2013
References: inspirefirst & designyoutrust
Illustrator Inca Pan has found a way to combine quirkiness and violence with his latest drawings. Each creation depicts some sort of creature (human or otherwise) interacting with nature. One of the most visually arresting drawings shows a man riding on a horse with two children. Each of the living beings in the drawing is transparent, their bones completely accessible to the viewer.

Inca Pan's sumo wrestler drawing is also darkly comic. It shows a yellow-thonged sumo wrestler wielding an axe above the head of a small female child. The funniest aspect of the drawing is the blank face displayed by both the child and the wrestler. Neither of them looks very shocked at the fact that an overweight wrestler is about to murder a small child, but that's the beauty of Inca Pan's illustrations. They demonstrate a wry sense of humor that strays away from most contemporary art that takes itself very seriously. His dark humor and tongue-in-cheek attitude makes Inca Pan's illustrations some of the most memorable in recent years.