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 - Mar 16, 2015
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Start-up expert and author John Warrillow recently conducted an Inc. Magazine Better and Faster interview with Trend Hunter's founder and CEO, Jeremy Gutsche. The article dives into how Gutsche's new book, Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas, and his methodology for leading others in the search, spotting and realization of their ideal business concepts using six coined shortcuts to opportunity.

In the detailed interview, Warrillow asked several in-depth questions as to how Gutsche guides aspiring entrepreneurs to hunt, flesh out and tweak their innovations even if, by chance, someone in the industry is already on the same path. "In some form or another, almost every idea is already out there," Gutsche said, "but how you implement your idea, position your new concept and execute can be the defining factor of success."

How To Find an Idea For a Business

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Jeremy Gutsche is the Toronto-based founder of Trend Hunter, a website dedicated to spotting trends. Gutsche has just come out with a new book on curating ideas called Better & Faster: The Proven Path To Unstoppable Ideas. I took the opportunity of his book launch to quiz Gutsche on how entrepreneurs can profit from emerging trends. Here's our exchange:

Q. When I talk to would-be entrepreneurs, the biggest reason they give for not making the leap into a career in entrepreneurship is that they haven't yet come up with "an idea" for a business. How can they use the concept of "Converge" to step off the sidelines and start a business?

That question connects with me a lot! Since I was 8, all I ever wanted to do was be an entrepreneur. I obsessed about it. The hunt for something perfect ruled my life. In my teens, I tried half a dozen businesses, but none of them seemed "big enough." Then I became a management consultant to find a better idea, and then I started working for a bank on their idea pipeline. A decade into my career, my team had grown the bank a billion dollar portfolio, and I had officially become an expert at helping other people find an idea...without finding my own!

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