Janine Antoni Uses Her Whole Body to Create Eclectic Art Pieces

 - Jun 10, 2009   Updated: Jun 16 2011
References: loudreams
Janine Antoni is a contemporary artist who likes to put her whole body into her work. She uses body parts such as her mouth, hair, eyelashes, and brains as tools for inspiration.

For example, Janine created an art piece called “Loving Care” by using her hair as a paintbrush and mopping the floor of the gallery.

Check out the gallery to see more weird creations by this eccentric artist.

Implications - Art that is shocking, grotesque and unconventional are often mass consumed on account of the buzz and discussion they generate from the masses. Often, art that depicts the body sticks to confined and comfortable depictions of body parts typically associated with beauty. These images are often perceived asoverdone, and art that ignores this convention and seeks to represent weird and taboo subjects is welcomed by art appreciators.