The Imme van der Haak 'Beyond the Body' Piece Questions Identity

 - Jun 25, 2012
References: & dezeen
The Imme van der Haak 'Beyond the Body' performance observes and questions the ideals of identity and perception. The Netherlands-born artist's latest exhibit consists of silk veils printed with human photographs worn by the performers, resulting in a ghostly overlaid effect.

As the dancers move through the video, there are moments where their bodies are reveals and times when they become one with the shrouds. Movement blurs the boundaries between the two identities, resulting in a haunting yet evocative visual production. Identity is a topic that is explored by many artists due to its non-conclusive and argued definitions. Artists like van der Haak question the perception of normality and how individuality is defined by age, sexuality, ethnicity and gender.

Chilling yet beautiful, the 'Beyond the Body' performance is a playful series that will have gazers watching in curiosity.