Kelly Tan Projects Imagined Worlds with Her Daughter at the Center

 - Aug 25, 2016
References: instagram & designtaxi
Kelly Tan, a self-taught photographer and digital artist, has a talent for implementing her daughter into fantastical imagined worlds by creating exaggerated shadows that surround her.

Her series, titled 'I Have a Dream,' has been ongoing for some time now, however Kelly Tan frequently updates it, with each image seeming to get more creative than the last. In many, Kelly Tan uses her daughter's toys for the inspiration of the imagined worlds that she creates -- showing what each might look like from her daughter's perspective.

With this, she considers the boundless creativity that children are granted, showing how reality can be twisted depending on the limits of one's imagination. In addition to using shadows to reflect imagined worlds, Kelly Tan does so by placing her daughter on clouds and in stunning landscapes that work to much of the same effect.