The IKEA Cookbook Displays Beautiful Bounties

 - Aug 3, 2011
References: notcot & buzzfeed
This stunning IKEA cookbook is a feast for your eyes and your stomach.

Designed by artist Carl Kleiner, this IKEA cookbook is unlike any literary guide you've ever seen. The beautiful photographs for each recipe portray the ingredients required. However, they aren't arranged ordinarily; they are posed in intricate positions and patterns. It makes you realize the beauty of food and gives one a greater appreciation for the cooking process. If that's not good enough, this amazing cookbook is entirely free!

The IKEA cookbook by Carl Kleiner is a delicious depiction of pretty produce.

Implications - Consumers living in urban areas are very visual learners and have little time to read literary information. Because of this, many individuals rely on images to give them quick and informative data. These consumers seek advertisements that are image-heavy and minimalist, so companies should take this into consideration when forming campaigns.