Redditor UnspeakableFilth Made the Best of the Cold Weather with an Ice Fort

 - Jan 17, 2014
References: imgur & laughingsquid
Building a legitimate ice fort is the dream of many an ice-bound child. Cold winters provide people with the perfect materials to create with and Redditor UnspeakableFilth decided to take advantage.

During December, when many were preparing for the holidays, this Redditor was preparing frozen, colored ice blocks for use in his backyard ice fort. The cool thing is he didn't use anything other than what Mother Nature gave him and some coloring.

With the weather being so regularly cold he was able to easily amass tons of colored ice blocks and the mortar used to hold it all together is just slush. When all was said and done UnspeakableFilth had an ice fort part in his walled in colorful ice fort with some friends, showing us all that making things out of ice and snow isn't so hard when you put your mind to it.