The Ibenergi Center Aims to Blend Interior and Exterior Spaces

 - Jun 5, 2018
References: archdaily
In the modern world, energy permeates everything, and the design of the Ibenergi Center in Toledo, Spain, aims to metaphorically represent that ubiquitous permeation. According to 'taller abierto', the architects behind the project, the building looks to "connect the interior of a working environment to the cultivated nature" that's surrounding it, creating a more pleasant and people-friendly place to work.

One of the keys to achieving that goal of openness comes with the use of windows. The building is divided into warehouse space and offices, and the offices are covered almost entirely in windows This gives the people working in the Ibenergi Center a view of the outside world while also allowing in a healthy amount of natural light.

Image Credit: Montse Zamorano, Jorge Lopez Sacristan