Ian Cumberland Paints Disturbingly Surreal Portraits of Derelicts

 - Feb 1, 2013
References: iancumberland & sweet-station
Artist Ian Cumberland creates a number of hauntingly realistic portraits that are both beautiful and tragic.

Based out of the United Kingdom, Cumberland has come to receive critical acclaim for his paintings that are so strikingly vivid that they can easily be mistaken for a photograph. Each one highlights the subtle nuiances of the human face that is often riddled with veins, lines and other imperfections. Instead of covering these so-called flaws up, Cumberland instead makes them the first aspect that you notice when you begin to analyze his work. Additionally, he accentuates the reality within his work by meiculously capturing every detail not only on the face, but also in hair styles and clothing. The portraits features a number of differently aged muses as well as males and females.