'I Am My Lost Diamond' is Comprised of Countless Fingers and Toes

 - Nov 16, 2012
References: ambreenbutt & thisiscolossal
At first, the 'I Am My Lost Diamond' art installation may seem like a lab test involving a petri dish and some very unsavory pink bacteria. Of course, that would have to be one very big petri dish to involve an entire room. As such, it does not involve clusters of bacteria but instead clusters of fingers and toes. Thankfully, those fingers and toes are no more real than the bacteria they appear to be.

Put together by Ambreen Butt, an artist born in Lahore, Pakistan, and based in Boston, Massachusetts, the I Am My Lost Diamond art installation is comprised of hundreds of pink phalanges made out of resin, not flesh and bone. They are currently exploding on the walls of Carroll and Sons in Boston.