The 'Hypercool' Cooler Chills Drinks in as Little as One Minute

 - Jul 20, 2016
References: & indiegogo
The 'Hypercool' cooler isn't like typical camping coolers. Whereas most coolers are effectively just boxes full of ice that require long waits before drinks get to the temperature consumers want, the Hypercool cooler uses simple physical principles to actively cool drinks in no time.

The Hypercool works with the use of a battery-powered motor that spins cans on top of a chunk of ice. The can spinning against ice simultaneously cools and slowly melts thin layers of ice away. As the ice melts, it produces cold water that flows over top of the can, cooling it further. The results are cans that go from room temperature to cool in 60 seconds and to ice cold in 90 seconds.

Another benefit of the Hypercool cooler is that, since it cools two cans at a time, consumers no longer need to lug around a giant box filled with drinks and ice. The Hypercool is small and portable, complementing the consumer desire to make leisure time at the beach as convenient as possible.