The Hypargate is a Hyperbolic Paraboloid Made Entirely of Stone

 - Aug 15, 2016
References: & designboom
The hyperbolic paraboloid dubbed the 'Hypargate' was created by a research group from the Polytechnic University of Bari and engineers from the Roma Tre University.

Though minimalist in its final form, the installation called for the revival of an ancient art known as 'stereotomy,' which is described as "a process that draws upon geometrical knowledge and techniques of cutting blocks of stone into complex frameworks." In order to create Hypargate, researchers and engineers had to take incredibly precise mathematical equations into account, which ensured its structural success.

Located in France, the installation was made as a means to frame the entrance of the SNBR headquarters. The hyperbolic paraboloid swoops down elegantly overhead and is supported on either side with thick supports that complement the flow of the rest of the design. Meanwhile, holes perforate the top of it, allowing light to seep through. Photo Credits: designboom,