This Hydrating Powder Quenches Thirst Without Extra Calories

 - Feb 4, 2016
References: gatorade & trndmonitor
Gatorade is now selling a hydrating power that helps to quench your thirst without the added calories or carbs found in other sports drinks. For highly active consumers, this power provides a quick and convenient way to restore electrolyte levels on the go.

The new Low-Calorie G2 Powder from Gatorade contains the same electrolyte formula found in Original Gatorade in the form of a hydrating powder. Electrolytes are important for those who are highly active because they help the brain communicate with muscles and regulate fluid balance in the body. This powders restores electrolytes levels without the added carbs and sugar found in Original Gatorade. In fact, the power has only 30 calories per serving, making it ideal for those who want to up their sodium and potassium intake without extra sugar.

The new Low-Calorie G2 Powder is ideal for athletes and other active consumers who are looking for a portable alternative to a traditional sports drink.