The Simba Hybrid Pillow Features NASA Technology

 - Sep 14, 2018
References: simbasleep & luxurylaunches
Rest is often the best cure for any ailment and the Hybrid pillow promises exceptional sleep thanks to NASA approved technology. Developed by sleep experts Simba, this unique pillow features distinct temperature control thanks to OUTLAST® technology. Originally developed for NASA, this special textile regulates body temperature by absorbing and releasing heat. This technology ensures that the Hybrid pillow is never too hot or too cold.

The Hybrid pillow by Simba even features special memory foam nanotubes that can be added or removed from the pillow. These tubes help personalize the height and firmness of the Hybrid to ensure users have the best possible sleep. A side panel works in tandem with the tubes and allows air to circulate through to further improve the temperature regulating qualities of the pillow.