The Hybrid Hoodie Ensures the Comfort and Warmth of Its Wearers

 - Sep 20, 2016
References: kickstarter
The Hybrid Hoodie is able to offer more than the standard hoodie sweater when it comes to warmth and functionality.

Most people are familiar with the levels of warmth hoodies are able to provide in cold weather -- they are usually enough on their own when it is cool, or are layered with shirts and jackets in the wintertime. The Hybrid Hoodie was designed to be as comfortable as the popular sweaters are while being warm enough to wear in weather as cold as -5 degrees Fahrenheit. They were designed specifically for people who work in extremely cold weather conditions who require warmth while also needing something that allows them to move around properly. The jacket-hoodie hybrids are well-insulated, lightweight, thin and allow for movement while also keeping the wearer warm.

This multi-functional apparel is perfect for anyone who lives in countries where cold weather in the wintertime tends to limit daily activities.