'Hyaluronic Molecule' is a Skincare Product in the Form of a Beverage

 - Sep 18, 2017
References: cbc & fountain.co
Beauty products can come in all shapes and formats, but consumers don't often expect them to look like Fountain's 'Hyaluronic Molecule'. The concentrated beauty supplement's main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a common additive in beauty products, but what separates Hyaluronic Molecule from all other products is how it delivers the acid. Rather than a topical system, the Hyaluronic Molecule is a beverage.

Though the beverage comes in 240 milliliter bottles, it isn't designed to be downed in a single sitting. Rather, Fountain recommends consuming two teaspoons of the drink every day to supplement one's beauty regimen.

That's not to say that the product doesn't have great flavor too. Whether taken straight, diluted in water, or mixed with juice, the product has a natural ginger flavor that's part of its appeal beyond the beautifying qualities.