IA Collaborative is Rereleasing the 70s Design Handbook 'Humanscale'

 - Jul 25, 2017
References: kickstarter & fastcodesign
It's easy to take for granted how conveniently things are created in order to suit the physical needs of people as a whole, but much of the reason for modern ergonomic design can be traced back to a single source: 'Humanscale.' The industrial design handbook written in the 70s by Niels Diffrient and Alvin R. Tilley, two industrial designers at Henry Dreyfuss Associates, includes tens of thousands of data points for all different types of body measurements. The information in Humanscale remains as relevant today as it ever was, and so IA Collaborative has ventured to reissue the iconic manual through a Kickstarter campaign.

Though Humanscale might be called a handbook, it isn't a book per se. Rather, the manual is divided into nine different 'selectors', which are like slides with a spinning wheel in the middle. That wheel reads different information at the side of the selector, and spinning it reveals different essential measurements throughout the selector for different types of people.

IA Collaborative is packaging the nine selectors into groups of three.