Timothy Allen Shares His Favorite Photos From the Human Planet Series

Human Planet is BBC’s upcoming landmark series that marvels at mankind’s incredible relationship with nature. Human Planet takes us around the globe to look at incredible people in awe-inspiring places -- much like the animals from the Planet Earth series, but for humans. We’ll have to wait for the premiere of Human Planet, but until then Timothy Allen has some pretty incredible photos to gawk at from his journey with Human Planet.

On the photographer’s website, he’s chosen his favorite 40 photos from the journey. Each one of them will make your jaw drop. Allen says that his year-and-a-half-long adventure with Human Planet was an "amazing experience" and that he’s happy to report "that human beings are the same the world over… individuals dealing with their own versions of personal struggles to secure food, find a mate, put a roof over their heads and protect their offspring." Amazing. Cut to a guy sitting in front of a laptop.