Bit Rebels conceptualize the Idea of Human Body Stilettos on Your Feet

 - Oct 28, 2011
References: bitrebels & bitrebels
Richard Darell, founder of Bit Rebels and a leader in social media, explores the idea of up and coming implants like the 'Human Body Stilettos.'

In this age where science alters the face and body, the idea of stilettos implanted in women's feet is quite freaky, but it might be around the corner. These Photoshop images are just a glimpse of what such implants could do to your feet. The idea may seem bizarre right now, but a few years down the line and you may see ladies walking tall on their feet (I can feel the pain already). As much as I love high-heel shoes, I can't help but think this may just be a step too far.

Imagine prancing around with a steel rod implanted in your foot. Yikes! Ladies, just remember that when/if this new implant comes into fruition, you may have pumped up feet, but you can never try on a pair of heavenly heels again.